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This VIP Club Newsflash is being sponsored by newcomer, BORN LOST T-shirt co.

BORN LOST offers high quality tees with both simple minimalist designs, along with some tongue-in-cheek humor. All are original and uniquely San Miguel.

The shirts themselves are a heavy weight 100% cotton or a 50/50 cotton polyester blend. The printing process used is DTG (direct to garment), so colors stay true and vibrant.

In addition to T-shirts, BORN LOST also offers stainless steel drinking flasks covered in hand-painted leather by Guanajuato artists. The designs are inspired by vintage tattoos, and each one is a unique work of art, not to mention a real conversation starter.

To see the full line-up, where the designs speak for themselves, please visit their Facebook page: or email questions directly to

VIP members receive 15% off every BORN LOST order.!!!!

“I was born lost and take no pleasure in being found.”        
                                             -John Steinbeck
(Businesses or individuals can sponsor a VIP Club Newsflash – over 1900 are sent out locally 2000 pesos.)


And the winner of the “VIP Club & Bahia de la Luna,” one week’s stay at the truely stylin’, fabulous & private beachside resort in Oaxaca is KELLY KARGER. Congrats Kelly! . . .   Kelly be stylin’!

Your Club wants to graciously thank the stylin’ Lauda & George Fields, both charter VIP Club members, for their generous donation.

Folks! It’s a delightful place. The Queen and I have vacationed there a number of occasions. If you want to get away from it all for peace and quiet, bask in the glory and dine on fine cuisine on the beach without going anywhere, it’s the place, all at very reasonable prices.
Fellow members! There is no doubt, Covid is surging, right here in our home town, San Miguel de Allende! Now is the time to be extra vigilant!

We know, you’ve been stylin’, washing your hands more than surgeons heading to surgery and wearing your mask tighter than a bank robber and you’ve followed the guidelines.

Thank you, thank you, thank you.!

GIs, in Nam, used to say to each other, “Don’t be the last guy shot in this stinking war!” You don’t want to be laid up when we are coming out of this thing and beginning to celebrate and you’re on a ventilator. Please keep up the fight until we get the vaccine, please don’t let your guard down to have what you’ve sacrificed so far go to waste. Selfishly, we want you, stylin’ and being around to renew your membership. 🙂

Your Club can’t begin to tell you how touched we are receiving so many correspondences from our members stuck in the States or Canada.
Their message is primarily how much they miss San Miguel and can’t wait to get back and they do show concern for their fellow sanmiguelenses!

If your away and your membership has expired and you are returning, and desire to still get the deep BajioGo discounts for you and your party upon return, by employing airport shuttles, CONTACT YOUR CLUB, before your return, If you sense you are going to renew your card once back in town!

Your Club will issue you a new card # and a new date of expiration and you can provide that to BajioGo when you make your reservations and “still get the Club’s discount.” You can pay your dues when you pick up your card when your return.

No worries! Your Club be stylin’. We’ve never been stiffed in 20+ years providing this service to our solid membership and all have gotten their discount!

And, try if you can, to order take out or delivery. from our fragile restaurant industry we’ve been so lucky to have during better times. Our home-town, front-line, food-industry warriors need and are relying on our support. Your Club will thank you for them!

Your VIP Club Welcomes, CAFE DE SANTOS, stylin’, on the corner of Acuna Allende & Cuadrante (formally Ten-Ten Pie), 415-101-5148. Cafe de Santos is still the great outdoor people-watching place now operated by long time VIP Club affiliates, the stylin’, Pauk & Polo Aguilera.

Open 9:00 – 9:00 daily for breakfast lunch and dinner, full bar.

TEN TEN PIE’s, a stylin’ VIP Club affiliated restaurant Stirling Dickinson location is open and operating as usual!

Your VIP Club Welcomes, MESA MARRAKESH, Plaza Carmen, Pila Seca #19, 415 101 5084Chef JJ Castañeda, the past creative force at Fatima Rooftop 7, brings an array of Middle Eastern dishes to Plaza Carmen, open daily.

Chef J.J., is stylin’, at Plaza Carmen, Pila Seca 19 with fellow VIP Club affiliated restaurants, Bhaji Curry House, Chikatana & El Tupinamba (out front).

Your VIP Club welcomes BANANAS PATIO, Salida de Celaya #6, through the arches and in the rear. Open daily, 10:00 – !0:00, 415 690 1168.

An extension of Bananas, out front, our Sharon, and her gang, have opened Bananas Patio, in the rear, providing a more spacious atmosphere, serving pizzas, pasta, sushi, burgers etc. plus the diner-type specials, same as Bananas out front!
MEMBERS! Don’t forget your VIP Club has other muscle on the Salida!




DON LUPE GRILL (Delivery only)

RUSTICA (Breakfast served all open hours)







See all the games at Hank’s, Kenny’s Place, La Choperia, Garufa, McCarthy’s Irish Pub, Pescau, Hot Wings & Los Milagros.

HANK’S NEW ORLEANS CAFE & OYSTER BAR (They be stylin’ now serving Hank’s famous brunch, 10- 2:00 pm. Tuesdays – Sundays!

CASA NOSTRA (Stylin’! Celebrating 3 years, 27 January!

Congrats to VIP Club participating restaurant, Pescau, 11 Years! They be Stylin’!

ARIGATO (Stylin’ with promotional specials, every day, 7 days a week!)

BIRDIE’S BURGERS, ALWAYS STYLIN’! (Just because the Doce 18 location has closed, You can still order the great, so good they break-the-mouth with also yummy shakes and crisp fries from Birdie’s Burgers, delivered out of The Restaurant, Sollano #16. Delivery 10:00 am – 9:00 pm. Call 415-154-7877

CASA KATALINA: (Our Katherine Leutzinger, she be stylin’, has moved her nifty shop on Correo, to Hospicio #37)

Monday – Saturday: 11:00 a.m. – 3:00 p.m. or by appointment,,

Raving positive reports about BPC Construction! BCP is resting anxieties and really, really stylin’, by providing FREE Service Calls (normally 350 Pesos), TWICE EVERY 2 MONTHS, Exclusively for VIP Club Cardholders to determine what’s causing that aggravating, leaky faucet, those blinking lights and they’ll find out the cause of that awful noise the washing machine’s making? Then they can fix it if you want. BCP, which builds structures & homes from the ground up, also offers VIP Club members 10% off their architectural services.

Here is what VIP Club member wrote in about BDP:
“VIP Club, I had my first experience with Cristina and BCP Construction and I was totally impressed with the service and I will definitely use them again if i have any other jobs they can do
Cristina and her crew rock and so glad i contacted her! Kudos!” Chris HolmesTry and tell us that’s not a great deal! Call

Cristina Khalil, General Manager, Owner, 415-114-2547THE FEAST CO, Styin’ delivery only! 415-126-1921. Specials until Feb 14!)
Pork chops Marsala with saffron risotta

Pork pie (special until 14 Feb.)

It’s never too early to be thinking about Romance!

BAJIOGO (Stylin’ for you!)

To repeat, from Your Club’s recent newsflashes. Cardholders pay a net rate of 20 USD. for “shared,” door-to-door service to and fro Leon & Queretaro when employing BajioGo! (Almost pays for the card!)

The Standard price for PRIVATE SERVICE, via BJX or Queretaro, is $90 USD. VIP Club members pay just $60 USD, net, and can have, from 1, and up to 9, individuals transported in the same large van. Again, cash only. (More than pays for your card!)
Also, Car rentals. The standard 100-peso rental delivery charge WAIVED for VIP Club Card holders, plus, the UPGRADED, newer and roomier Toyota Corollas will be first offered to members if available with no upgrade cost
Private service to or from, Mexico City, $300 USD for door-to-door service in a van. VIP CLUB CARDHOLDERS PAY JUST $220 (cash only) FOR THEM AND THEIR PARTY UP TO NINE PASSENGERS. (Pays way-way more than the cost of your card!) (All must be going to the same address.)
The chilly season is here. Check your stylin’ propane Gas tank now.

VIP Club Cardholders get 65-centavos off each liter. Members can pay with major

credit cards and still get the discount. Call the truck direct 415-109-5357.NOW IF YOU REALLY, REALLY, WANT TO BE STYLIN’ IN 2021. Forget 2020, but not just yet.
Chinese Astrology buffs, especially Madam Loo will tell you we won’t start really stylin’ until we ease into Year of the Ox, in the Chinese calendar, beginning February 12th.
Consider celebrating for yourself or gifting someone else by getting a spiffy Madam Loo, poster, depicting your favorite animal representing each year of the Chinese Zodiac.

See all 12 at (If you don’t have Facebook write us here and we can send them to you!)

22.5″ by 29″ on glossy paper. We have a limited amount up in the States for immediate mailing and a number here.  $40 USD or 800 pesos, FOB San Miguel or $56 USD., mailed anywhere in the States. See the other illustrations at or write back here.

Please give if you can.

Members: You can always see Your Club’s complete line up at & and for breaking news Your Club posts daily on:

With tremendous sadness!
R.I.P. Gordon Asimus
R.I.P. Charlie Kessler
R.I.P. Robert Lewis
R.I.P. Hammerin’ Hank Aaron
Heal up: Richie Simeone

Thank you for your continuous and loyal support.

Your San Miguel VIP Club


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