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This VIP Club Newsflash is being sponsored by “QUALITY SMILE ENDOPLUS,” headed up by Edodontist & Apical surgeon, DOCTORA MARIA EUGENIA BELTRAN T.

When it comes to “Root Canal” applications, restorations or repair, life-long sanmiguelense, Doctora Beltran, has been well-trained while equipped with vast experience to treat patients in need of such expertise.

Doctora Beltran is usually the first choice and highly recommended by her peers here who do not perform “root canals” by recommending their patients to her. As a home-town-gal she operates a full-time local office. VIP Club members enjoy a 10% discount when paying in cash.

(Businesses or individuals can sponsor a VIP Club Newsflash – over 2000 are sent out locally 2500 pesos.)


The enthusiasm shown by restaurants and businesses to affiliate their establishments with the club, along with growth in membership, have enabled Your Club to measure its progress for 22 years. Yet it’s been honest feedback and renewals that truly reflects Your Club’s report card.

Your Club hates to brag but please permit us to share some feedback received this very week:

“We love the card and recommend it all of the time.” Judi. R.

“I would very much like to renew my Card. We’ve been very happy with its many perks.” Andrew R.

“I would definitely like to renew for 2022-23.  The wife and I think the VIP Club does a great job!  Thank you.” Woody M.

“!Hola y gracias. We much appreciate all the VIP card does for us and want to renew for this next year! !Gracias!” K & J S.

That’s enough of the chest thumping. We are far from perfect. Yet since our beginnings we’ve promised to always address the “good, bad and the ugly.” Your Club will always work to come up with a solution but we’ll never ignore a member’s inquiry or complaint.

Enough already! Let’s get rocking!


BajioGo has a new fleet of rental cars, (sedans only) plus now there are special rent-a-car coupons exclusively meant for VIP Club Cardholders!

Cardholders are permitted to buy five coupons and pay $250 USD cash. The VIP Club/BajioGo car-rental deal includes insurance & taxes. The renter must have a San Miguel address; hotels and air B & Bs are not eligible. The principal renter must provide a legitimate drivers’ license and list anyone else in their party who might be also driving the car including their license.

Coupon holders are not required to rent the car for consecutive days. One could rent a car, on different days, from one to five days. BajioGo car rental coupons will be valid until 31 December 2023. (Pick up at one’s residence or returning the renter to their residence from the car rental base yard cost $5 USD. cash each way.)

***Many members are asking about the airport shuttle anniversary promotion that in the past BajioGo has offered exclusively to VIP Club members? The BajioGo anniversary special will be addressed by us in our next newsflash in August.

Your VIP Club welcome BONON – CLUB DEL PETANCA, 55 22 727 4308, Calzada de la Estaciòn, 19-A, on the right, just past Bodega Aurora on the route to the train station, aka: the bocci ball courts for family fun.

Serving the tastiest street food stemming from all over world from burgers to tacos to sub sanwiches, with an array of other treats, Full bar. Miércoles – Sábado: 2:00 pm. – Midnight, Domingo: 2:00 – 9:00 pm., Lunes – Martes: Cerrado Chef Jay-Jay has joined your hosts Andres & Javier. Cardholders can take 15% off when paying cash and 10% when using credit cards. Petanca courts and equipment are free to use as long as players consume.

*****Your Club presents to our line-up of well-respected bakery establishments that are under the VIP Club umbrella.

EL PETIT FOUR (Bakers & chocolatiers constantly setting a high bar at attaining excellence for 24 years in San Miguel!)

CAFE MONET (Offering an array of fresh baked items)

EL PEGASO (For over-three-decades as the go-to bakery for cakes and desserts for any occasion.)

DON VALENTE (Quickly establishing itself as a restaurant & bakery in Residencia La Luz!)

LUNA DE QUESO (Items created, made, and baked with way more than just cheese!)

LA VECTORIANA (One of the most creative bakers in town)

PANIO (Diversified high-quality bakery offering BAKED treats from the continent! Four local locations!)

News from Panio:
New drive-thru at Panio Luciernaga!
Home Delivery service: WhatsApp: (415) 101-3003! Everyday promotion:“Time to wine down” Buy a bottle of wine at any Panio restaurant and receive a complementary sourdough pizza margherita!

ZENTENO (Wonderful treats to go with your coffee or to take home)

VENENCIA (Now, finally open for dinner)


CI BANCO (Participating VIP Club establishment Ci Banco wants members to know the coast is clear and they are back to accepting checks!)

*****Le Cochon qui Saute! French food is back with its intimate private dinner service bringing the bistro to you! Have an authentic French dining experience prepared and served in the comfort of your own home by our Chef and his staff. You can pick from several different menu options or create a personalized ensemble of dishes.
10% discount with the San Miguel de Allende VIP Club Card on cash payments.


Re-framing midlife from a crisis to a calling with a renewed sense of purpose.

An extraordinary opportunity for all here in San Miguel to experience an  enriching workshop created in MEA – “Modern Elder Academy”
Shifting the mindset about  the transitions that happen in the second half of life!
Growing Whole… Not Growing old… 

For additional info: WhatsApp: +52 477 129 71 93/


Our Kris Rudolph of El Buen Cafe fame has two great Delicious Expeditions happening this fall and there’s still space.

Umbria, September 10-17
Stay in a 14th-century home in the mountain hamlet of Montone while venturing out to discover the area’s picture-perfect countryside, medieval villagers, and amazing cuisine. Hunt truffles and explore Etruscan ruins, learn to cook like a local and sip prosecco in the piazza.

Slovenia, September 18-25
A tiny country nestled in between the Alps and the Adriatic Sea, Slovenia abounds with storybook castles, rolling green hills, and outstanding vineyards. Enjoy two days in the capital of Ljubljana, voted Europe’s greenest city, before heading to a countryside lodge in the Kocejve forest that boasts some of the country’s best food and wine.

In our last newsflash, 22 June, Your Club welcomed VIEW HOTEL BOUTIQUE!

Also in our last flash Your Club also welcomed OCRE, Hidalgo #5.

Plus Your Club welcomed the translation services of Liz Hernandes Cubero expert translator.

Your VIP Club also welcomed veterinarian MVZ, ANA Roxanda Godoy, animal veterinarian!  Perros y Gatos. Monday to  Friday  9 am to 6:00 pm, Saturday: From 9:00 am to 3:00 pm. Zenzontle #15 Residencial La Luz, 415-1536190, House calls
Facebook:  Stardogs01


VIP Club Cardholders get a whopping 65 centavos off each litro. Pay with cash or credit card.

Call for 415-688-1038 FOR appointments and directions!


Jimenez Asociados amongst others features Qualitas Insurance, Mexico’s premier vehicle insurance agency. VIP Club members receive a steep discounts. For additional information locally about various coverage call Alejandra 415-100-3857 (English spoken.)
A special shout out to VIP members David and Julie Fox, thanking them for their very generous donation to Feed The Hungry! The donation is in the memory of David’s late Brownsville sister who worked with Hispanic children her entire life.

Please give if you can.

R. I. P: Corey Gray

R. I. P.: Pancho El Sol

Heal up: Jim Newell (Jim could use some help!)

Congratulations to new abuela, La Conexion’s Susan Sergeant, and her daughter and new mom, Leslee, along with Husband Humberto, and new baby, Sofia!

Congrats: Lee Carter (We know Mid-Day Rotary is in good hands with VIP member Lee elected as president!)

Don’t forget to report lost VIP Club Cards for immediate replacement!

Follow Your Club’s daily specials, events, etc. on Facebook:
Report lost cards here for immediate replacement.

Follow Your Club’s daily specials, events, etc. on Facebook:

Thank you for your continuous & loyal support.

Your San Miguel VIP Club

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