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This VIP Club Newsflash is being sponsored by MACDONALD SERVICES!


Feliz Navidad & Happy Holidays to all!

Restaurants serving food & drink WILL NOT BE SHUT DOWN via the new State red-light directive.

Despite the times Your Club continues to keep its pedal to the metal seeking affiliated and worthwhile businesses that can enhance membership.

Our affiliated business community expresses they’re eager to provide the membership substantial discounts everyday; and rather than spending hard money on expensive advertising; they rely on Your Club to promote them. The Club’s webpage ( and our daily Facebook posts (, along with brochures etc constantly bang the drum and shed light on our affiliated businesses. 

Your Club reminds the membership there has never been a charge for our VIP Club family of businesses to be in Your Club. They pay by providing the discount to our members and only when they show up; the Club sells the card. That’s it.

Look below for Christmas menus at the Christmas menus we presently have. With the season, another VIP Club Newsflash will come out next Saturday, December 26, with New Year’s menus and more news.

We have big time news, re-BajioGo. Also, your Club has affiliated with an outstanding architectual & home-building firm that’s also a reliable and honest maintenance company, with 25 years of service here in San Miguel (See below)

Usage of Your Card is always an option. Every restaurant we query continue to emphasize how eager they are to see, hear and serve our membership. Again, if reluctant to go out, please consider supporting these front-line, food-service warriors by ordering delivery or take out.

For those who haven’t entered, don’t forget to enter our beachside give-away at the beach, at the fabulous Bahia de la Luna, Oaxacan resort. (See below)

Finally, “Humbug!” Hacienda has grouped Your Club into a new tax bracket. Beginning January 1st new memberships for the full year will be 900 pesos and renewals will be 700. Those members whose cards expired in Oct/Nov/Dec, their grandfathered-in, 600 peso renewal rate will stay pat for 90-days after their cards expired, same goes for any member whose contacted us this year, stating because of Covid, they may not make it down for a bit. If we hear from ya, we gotcha and we’ll confirm.

Let’s get rockin’!

LA VECTORIANA, Your Club’s maker of exquisitely decorated & delicious cakes, presents a holiday special. Deadline for Christmas Eve delivery is Monday, the 21st. Other than Christmas Eve, delivery, cakes will be available throughout the holidays for next day delivery. Feast your eyes! Savor the flavors.

Once you choose your favorite dessert, we request the 50% of the cake’s price, then when we schedule the date and hour for the delivery, then, when we deliver to their homes they pay the total.  In this case, they must pay the 50% of the cake´s price and when we deliver to their home they must show us the VIP Club Card (The current one) to have their 10% OFF of the total amount.
Send us a whatsapp at 415 168 84 29.
Also they can find us on Facebook or Instagram as: La Vectoriana

Thanks for all,
Jaqui Larios

BAJIOGO, (Secure, sanitary & insured) HAS CAUGHT THE SPIRIT!

VIP participating sponsor and business, BAJIOGO, has some major changes for the season, exclusively for VIP Club members. VIP Cardholders pay a net rate of 20 USD. for shared door-to-door service, no matter the posted price for the near future. When making reservations card # and date of expiration must be provided or must ALSO show the driver the card if paying to the driver.

Due to Covid, the majority of travelers desire individual or private service. The Standard price for that service is $90 USD per person. VIP Club members pay just $60 USD net, and can have, from 1, and up to 9, individuals transported in the same large van. Again, cash only. All must wear masks the entire trip! If not, the driver has orders to stop the trip and invite the mask-less person off the van.
Also, Car rentals. The standard 100-peso rental delivery charge for a car rental delivering the vehicle to the residence and 100 peso return when returning the rental is now WAIVED for VIP Club Card holders, plus, the UPGRADED, newer and roomier Toyota Corollas will be first offered to members if available with no upgrade cost
The great Mexico City deal remains for the season. For Mexico City, the reg price is $300 USD for door-to-door service in a private van. VIP CLUB CARDHOLDERS PAY JUST $220 (cash only) FOR THEM AND THEIR PARTY UP TO NINE PASSENGERS. (All must be going to the same address.)


BCP Construction Services, is a family business serving San Miguel for 25 years. BCP provides house design, construction, general repairs, plumbing, electrical, paint and general project management for subcontracted work such as carpentry, metal work, etc. They specialize in plumbing and electrical service calls and usually charge “$350” pesos. BCP WILL Offer VIP CLUB MEMBERS a FREE service visit every 2 months, if they suspect they have problems in those areas, and 10% off on architectural  design. open Monday-Friday 7-5.

They schedule visits, usually as soon as the next day, but we squeeze emergencies in the same day such as gas and water leaks. Cristina Khalil is the Go-to person, General Manager, Owner 415-126-1921.

Your VIP Club welcomes THE FEAST CO, International Comfort Food Delivered.

Featured during the holidays!
-Autumn spice pear cobbler – $180 (2 servings) – $350 (4 servings) – $680 (8 servings) 🍁
-Chicken, vegetarian and vegan pot pies! $300, $350 and $400 – serves 4
-Cinnamon apple fritters – $250 for a batch with 7-10 palm-sized fritters. 🍎
-Ponche Navideño – $80 one liter🍵
-Ponche Navideño margarita – $160 one liter 🍹
-Homemade eggnog – $190 one liter 🍶

Open Tuesdays-Sundays. Pre-order the day before or up to 9:00 am the day of.
Phone: 9:00 am – 9:00 pm. everyday. Orders can be placed via phone call, email or facebook messenger. 415 126 1921: Facebook: Instagram: thefeastcosma/ VIP Club members can take 10% off their bill either cash or credit card.

Your VIP Club welcomes KOOKABURRA, Pila Seca, 415-688-3788
Kookaburra is a contemporary, delightful, airy, rooftop restaurant featuring Mediterranian delights, pasta, seafood etc. along with the view.

VIP Club cardholders can take 10% off their bill when paying cash or credit card.
See Kookaburra’s New Year’s Eve menu in our next flash!










SMOKEDNLOW (Order your bird for the holidays!) 415-177-4491


VIVALI RISTORANTE TERRACE & BAR (Will be open regular hours and serving their regular menu Christmas Eve and Christmas Day.

PURELY CBD has sent the below message adding to their post from last flash.

Personal free consultation: Have questions about what products that are best for you, how much to use, and when or other questions?
 We are delighted to help you personally without any pressure to buy. 100% satisfaction guaranteed. Our goal is to establish long term relationships with happy, educated clients!

Purely CBD Mexico:

Delivering High-Quality Full Spectrum Organic CBD Oils, Creams, Pet Products & Edibles Throughout Mexico. Proudly Hydroponically Grown in Mexico.
“We have the real deal. Won’t get you high, will help you heal.”

In case you missed our last flash especially GOLFERS!

Zirandaro’s a 9-hole, handicapped, beautiful and challenging course, welcomes VIP Club members to take 10% off the  reg priced, 500-peso-green-fees for nine-holes or 10% off the 700 pesos, for 18-holes, for both the cardholder and a fellow player. Items in the pro shop are also discounted 10% for members.

ASADO DE CAMPO, the king of roasting. in our last flash, stated Asado de Campo now accepts the VIP Club Card.



SMA SATELLITE TV & STREAMING! Don’t miss a game! Basketball season has started, as has hockey. HBO, AMC and more, Great service and reliable.

Call 415-120-0200

Chilly season is here. Check your propane Gas tank now.

VIP Club Cardholders get 65-centavos off each liter. Members can pay with major credit cards and still get the discount. Call the truck direct 415-109-5357.

SKYMED Air Medical Evacuation Services announces: COVID COVERAGE NOW AVAILABLE! Email: Mx Cell: 415 125 3537 OR US Cell: 928 255 0220. First time sign up members receive considerable add-on time to their policies.)

Still time to get into the sweepstakes: YOUR CLUB & BAHIA de la LUNA, Oaxacan, seaside resort wants to give a VIP Club member a week for two at their fabulous rustic, beach-side getaway.

All members have to do is email with their name, card # and date of expiration, that’s printed on the back of the card. All members in good standing as of last September are eligible. Only one entry per card, Dude.

BAHIA de la LUNA’s a gem of a beachside resort, very private, rustic, situated in the midst of natural beauty with a creative restaurant serving breakfast, lunch and dinner. Bahia de la Luna is San Miguel owned, operated and located in the State of Oaxaca

The prize is for free-lodging, for six nights and seven days for two, with usage of all the resort’s amenities (Kayaks, snorkel, floats etc. including two complimentary massages.)

The drawing takes place, December 31st. Winners will be notified by email and their names posted in the next newsflash. Blackout periods are in vogue (Dec 20 – Jan 7 — Two weeks during the Easter holidays.) The Prize must be claimed in one year.

MEMBERS! in search of a last minute gift for the holidays or 2021?

How about a beautiful Chinese Astrology poster, presented by Madam Loo? Each 22.5″ X 30″ glossy print showcases one of the 12-animal signs of the Oriental Zodiac, stunningly illustrated by local artist, Julieta Sanchez24 years ago, only to be unveiled now, celebrating the coming of The Year of the Ox..

See all the images at

PLUS, From now until the 1st of the Year Madam Loo will send members FOR FREE, via email, what might be in store for your sign next year, 2021, PLUS, just ask and receive, a profile of one’s combination of signs, ala Aries-Horse, etc. Don’t forget to include your birthday. Better yet, get a print!

Please give if you can.

If you’ve made it this far, hold the line and don’t be the next or the last person to get Covid! “Onipa’a!”

Thank you for your continuous and loyal support.

Your San Miguel VIP Club


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